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My mission is to uphold the dignity of Tarot, and share its capacity to unlock hidden perspectives and to provide insight into your life and situation. Although Tarot is shrouded in mystery and is often misunderstood, the reality is that important thinkers, such as Carl Jung, connected the major figures of Tarot to common human archetypes. Joseph Campbell noted the universal story told by its figures and symbols. Tarot's symbols give powerful clues into previously unseen influences on our lives.

Tarot Tuesdays E-Mailed Readings

What you will receive:

Your own 10-card, 5-card or 3-card Tarot Reading, e-mailed as a pdf., with the images of the cards that I draw just for you! You will receive your reading within five days from the time of purchase (usually sooner). The longest reading, the 10-card, Celtic Cross Spread, will provide the most information about your situation. It is generally between 3000-4000 words. It reveals hidden information and deep insight into many aspects of your situation. Shorter spreads are very revealing, as well, and are often just right for everyday situations.

*If you're not sure how to phrase your question, that's OK! Just summarize your situation and I will take it from there.

*The most special part about e-mailed readings is that you will have something to print out and save!

What to do:

With your payment, just type out your question (in the special instructions/notes area) and as much as you care to share about your situation.

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Dhanpal is a Professor, Healer, Yogini, Meditation Guide, Tarot & Oracle reader, and Author. Her book, Buddha in the Classroom, is set for re-release in 2016, under its new title, The Inspired Teacher. Her CDs of Guided Meditations and Positive Affirmations are available on Amazon & iTunes.

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"Thank you so much for this reading, Donna! It was so accurate, I was actually stunned for a moment. I wondered how you could get inside my emotions like that! But it wasn't just for being impressed - you really took the time, to put it into context and help me see a pattern that I could work on. I will be back!!!" ~Tara, MA

"Dear Dhanpal-Donna, I wanted to tell you how much I loved this reading! I have gone over it three times already, amazed at the detailed knowledge you had of my situation, and how you were able to relate it to tangible options for me. I really feel like I have more power now over the way I handle things. Thanks again!" ~Mike, AZ

"Thanks, Donna! Wow! Just a short reading gave me so much better understanding of my own emotions - it's truly amazing how it works! I'm baffled, but sooo clear,lol! For the first time, I'm clear about why I feel the way I feel!" ~Jason, CA

"This was honestly the most insightful reading I've ever had, and I've had a few - your ability to interweave the messages of the cards together with deeper eastern wisdom from your own experiences really brought something special and highly useful to my reading! Thanks Dhanpal!" ~Sandra, NM

"This reading was so beautiful and insightful! I really felt your compassionate sense of concern and care in every passage. I appreciate the extra details you even put in to help me apply wisdom or Buddhist philosophy to each situation. It was very accurate of all my emotions and concerns. It was like you can see inside my soul!" ~Ann, CA